Dr. Christopher's Stop-AKE Capsules

Dr. Christopher's Original Formulas


Description: We all experience minor pain at some point in our lifetime. Simple tasks like waking up in the morning, or moving household items can aggravate the pain even more. While treating the cause is vital, we often want a safe & effective way to help the pain subside.

Ingredients: White Willow Bark, Feverfew Powder, White Willow Bark 7% Salicine, Cloves, Lobelia Herb, Valerian, Wild Lettuce, Wood Betony & Hops Flowers.

Directions: Take up to 1-2 capsules every hour if pain occurs or as directed by your health care professional. Also, see Lobelia Alcohol Extract, Lobelia Vinegar Extract, Relax-Eze Capsules, and Relax-Eze Glycerine Extract.

Formerly known as Stop-Ache

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