Types of Products

Overview of Delivery Systems available for Herbs

During the early 1970’s, people began requesting encapsulated herbs to avoid having to taste the bitterness of some herbs. Dr. Christopher’s Original Formulas were the first herbal line to use the all-vegetarian capsule.

Christopher’s Original alcohol-based and glycerine-based formulas are fast acting, gentle, safe, and effective. Formulated with organic or wild crafted herbs whenever available and combined with pure grain alcohol or pure vegetable glycerine. This is often the preferred method of administration for children. Glycerine Extracts are used in the Kid-E line of products. Alcohol extracts are also known as tinctures, and glycerine extracts are known as glycerites.

Herbal oils are fast-acting, safe, and effective. They are in a base of pure extra virgin olive oil to ensure highest quality. Sometimes herbal oils are referred to as liniments.