Deep Breathing Exercises

The subject of deep breathing can become quite extensive. To avoid this lengthy discussion and to get right to the point with easy to understand information, we are not going to give you scientific Yoga breathing exercises or anything at all difficult.

The main message to convey is the deep breathing of fresh air in through the nose and out through the mouth. Breathe deeply enough that it actually hurts when you breathe. Do this morning and night, no less than five or ten minutes. Be sure that the air is as fresh as possible. This will start the day and finish the day off with pep and energy—doing this just before retiring at night will give you the best sleep you have ever known. Deep breathing is the “breath of life,” and it will take oxygen to every cell in the body.

Each cell will die unless it gets the breathe of life, and the way you can get enough of this life giving element is through inhaling oxygen and air through the nose. This principle is so important and yet so overlooked. A person can live 110 days without food and 16 days without water, but only a few minutes without breathing. This is something we pay very little attention to, and shallow, unhealthy breathing is “normal” today. We completely ignore deep breath, which is the breath of life.

From the School of Natural Healing’s Ailments CD-ROM