Sweet Dreamzzz 100% Neat Essential Oil Blend

Health Fusion


Sweet Dreamzzz

Say goodnight to sleepless nights with this unique 100% Neat (free of carrier oils) sleep formula combines the best essential oils from an aromatherapy and herbal standpoint to create the perfect blend to address the mental, physical, emotional, and hormonal aspects that can hinder sleep. Sweet Dreamzzz aims to quiet the body and mind while calming nerves and soothing sore muscles, and minor aches and pains to help relieve anxiety and tension to promote rest and sleep. Sweet Dreamzzz is perfect for massage right before bed to bring about deep relaxation and sooth sore, tight, or achy muscles. This blend includes: Lavender, Clary Sage, Ylang Ylang Extra, Hops Flower, Chamomile Flower (Roman), Valerian Root & St. John's Wort oils. This blend of oils work synergistically together to offer you an alternative option to potentially harmful & addictive sleeping products.


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