Citrus Blast 100% Neat Essential Oil Blend

Health Fusion


Everyone is familiar with the fresh, uplifting and invigorating aroma that fills the kitchen when peeling and cutting fresh citrus fruits. Now imagine the fresh blast of citrus aroma coming from a combination of 7 different citrus fruit oils in a single bottle and you can imagine Health Fusion's Citrus Blast Essential oil blend! Featuring multiple citrus oils commonly used for their encouraging and uplifting effects on both spirit and mind Citrus Blast is formulated to help brighten mood, while melting away stress or anxiety. Citrus Blast is the perfect way to brighten any day or to get it started in the right direction on a happy and positive note. Citrus oils found in Citrus blast have also been used as disinfectants or highly diluted to replace chemical and harsh cleaners. Citrus Blast can be used externally but can thrive when diffused aromatically to fill the home or office with a light, fresh, clean therapeutic aroma. Citrus Blast is 100% Neat (free of carriers)

Ingredients: Sweet Orange, Lemon, Pink Grapefruit, Red Mandarin, Bergamot, Tangerine and Lime oils.

Dilute before use. Avoid contact on sensitive areas. Caution: Some citrus oils can induce temporary photosensitivity and should not be used in direct sunlight.

Companion Oils: Balance, Chillax, Zen, Ignition (Blue), Ignition (Pink), Peppermint, Spruce

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