Dr. Christopher's Relax-Eze Formula (bulk)

Dr. Christopher's Original Formulas


Dr. Christopher's famous relaxation formula in powder form.

A unique whole herb formulation that promotes relaxation.

Your body faces stressful demands each day, such as making ends meet, taking care of a family, a huge workload, rush hour traffic, etc. As a result your body may feel constantly under attack. Our body's stress-response system will usually self-regulate. But when stressful situations are too often present, it may leave you feeling tense, nervous, drained or on edge. Long-term activation of our stress-response system can disrupt almost all our body's processes & increase risk of numerous health problems.

Ingredients: Black Cohosh Root, Cayenne Pepper, Lobelia Herb, Hops Flowers, Scullcap herb, Valerian, Wood Betony & Mistletoe.

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