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The Capsule Machine Encapsulating Device

Dr. Christopher's Original Formulas


The best home encapsulating device on the market. It automatically joins and ejects filled capsules, making it faster and easier to use than other products available.

Two sizes available for filling both sizes of capsules:
  • Size "0" holds about 500 mg. One teaspoon will fill about 7 "0" capsules
  • Size "00" holds about 650 mg. One teaspoon will fill about 5 "00" capsules

Click here for 1000 empty vegetable capsules.


  • Put large part of the Capsule Machine (the base) on enclosed stand & then put on flat bowl or plate.
  • Separate capsule. Push longer part, open end up, into base & shorter part into the cover.
  • Pour approximately 1 1/2 tablespoons of powder into base and sweep enclosed card over holes, filling them. If desired, use enclosed tamping tool to compact powder & then fill base again.

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