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Pink Grapefruit 100% Pure Essential Oil

Health Fusion


Pink Grapefruit ‰ÛÒ (GRAS) Health Fusion Pink Grapefruit (Citrus paradise) 100% Pure essential oil is organically grown in the United States & is extracted from the peel using ONLY a cold pressed (without added heat) extraction method to yield a more beneficial & therapeutic oil than a steam distillation.Ã¥Ã_Grapefruit oil has a stimulating, uplifting, clean, characteristically fruity & citrusy aroma more intense than that of white grapefruit & is one of the top oils in aromatherapy for use as a stimulant or for uplifting effects. It‰۪s also traditionally used for cellulite, obesity, water retention, along with liver & gallbladder ailments. Grapefruit is also used for drug withdrawal, migraines, oily or congested skin or as a lymphatic stimulant.

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